Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bear vs. The Bee


I have been reading so much about the benefits of honey but have learned that the lovely stuff you get inside the cute little bear is crap.  Full blown sugary crap with zero health benefits other than causing your blood sugar to spike.  The honey inside the bear has been pasteurized which kills many of the nutrients and beneficial enzymes that make it digestible and so healthy.  What you should look for is pure, raw, wholesome goodness aka. RAW HONEY.  A few key items that the label should state are:

  • Make sure the word "raw" or "un-pasteurized" is on the label
  • It is best to have honey from only one country of origin...North American or Canadian have a high reputation.  And if you can, it is best to buy locally grown organic raw honey
  • Real raw honey should be solid at room temperature.  Don't buy "raw" honey that is liquid in form....this means it has been heated and is lacking the beneficial elements
  • Real raw honey is a milky brown susbstance and typically  has a layer of white film on top
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Happy Honey Eating!